In principle, there is no year without appearance the news on the computer's market, and there was no different in 2016. In this section we present you a device that for the first time entered into mass production this year.


Acer Aspire S13 - you have to admit that this is a very successful product. Pay attention to its already sleek design and Carbon - metal housing. The computer has an Intel Core-i7. I7-6500U and 500 GB SDD drive and a matte matrix. The parameters of the computer makes it very energy efficient and fast device. A matte screen provides comfort of work. So this is the perfect computer for businesses and individuals who are looking for performance hardware for your needs.


Apple MacBook Pro - MacBook Pro from 2016. This 13-inch version of the Apple notebook. In a typical design for Apple closed an Intel Core i5 2.0 GHz processor, graphics card, Intel Iris Graphics 540 and the memory 8 or 16 GB of RAM. But what would stand out the MacBook Pro is a long time job, the battery when watching videos or the internet is able to withstand 10 hours, in practice it may last from 3 to 5, so if you were thinking about Apple MacBook Pro for a long time holding batteries - better give up this thought.


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