It is hard to imagine the modern world without the Internet, we find interesting for usinformationvia Internet, we shop, we work, we use the entertainment or make contact with other people. That is why it is increasingly important for us constant access to the internet to be able to provide it ourselves, we have several solutions for its delivery.



Until recently, the most popular was the radio Internet. Its great advantage is the lack of cables, so thanks of that the cost of leading this Internet are not high. All you need is a device that receives a signal from the antenna site. Its advantage is low cost, but a fundamental disadvantage here is susceptibility to weather: storm or simply stronger downpour, and we may be deprived of access to the Internet.



Fiber optic Internet is more expensive, because it requires special wiring and connection to the network, a way to provide secure access to the Internet. However, the Internet fiber optics is now the way to have the fastest data transfer of all the available options on the market. Its great advantage is that it does not give it changeable atmospheric conditions.  


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