At present, in principle, each workstation must have a connection to the internet, therefore it is necessary to build inside the corporate network, similar hotels in need of such networks to each of its guests to offer uninterrupted access to the Internet, even in our private homes often it happens that we have a few computers and we want that everyone had access to the Internet. 



This is possible thanks to the special of the appliances, creating the The internal network should pay attention primarily on: 


  • routers, also called trasownikiem - this is a device that allows the interconnection of different types of networks. Using a router you can connect to the network inside the corporate with network from outside. It makes it possible to connect the network assigned to different classes or with different subnet masks,


  • regenerator of signal of wireless networks, called also as a WiFi signal amplifier - a device that allows you to extend the range of your wireless network. It is the perfect solution in cases where host is a considerable distance from the access point, that causes problems with the creation of a stable connection. 


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