Currently on the market there are three types of PC operating systems, below we present their a brief overview.  



Microsoft Windows
Windows is for years the most popular operating system, which is currently used by the majority of companies and individual users. This is a pay system created by Microsoft. First of its kind system was introduced in 1984. And it was a graphic overlay on MS-DOS. It was created as a graphical interface to users with less IT knowledge to use computers. For many years it was a monopoly on the operating system market. This software is used both in personal computers, servers and embedded systems. The latest system of this family is now Windows 10 in 2016. 




It was created as a non-commercial project, which it co-created by computer scientists around the world. It is a free system that can be installed on personal computers and servers. Linux is used most often just as software servers, routers, firewalls, embedded systemsand also some DVD players and DVB. The software can be downloaded, modified and distributed freely and available on the open source license.  



Mac OS

This operating system was created for the needs of Apple products, and since 2002. In them is installed at the factory. Mac OS is a dedicated software for the Macintosh. In the past, because of the small group of users there were problems with the compatibility of programs, that authors of which it was not Apple. Then, watching movies, writing or creating graphics require having programs issued by Apple, with the increasing popularity of this software, the creators of computer programs care about their compatibility with Mac OS.  



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