Once printing was associated with transfer on the paper files from your computer, now you can print whole real objects and models. In this article, we decided to introduce you to the main types of printers available on the market.




  1. Inkjet Printers - are printers that use to print the microscopic droplets of ink fired by tiny nozzles onto the paper. Depending on the mode of operation of the printer of this type it is divided into two types: Drop-On-Demand (DOD) or Continuous-Ink-Jet (CIJ). In the first method, ink droplets are fired at the moment of when it should be appeared on the sheet, and in the second method, they are continuously fired, but if you do not need them they go to the magazine and next into ink system.

  2. Laser Printer - there are printers that use for the print the laser light (the LED or LEDs). The task of the laser is so electrifying the photosensitive drum of the printer to the charted an appropriate amount of toner to the paper. Then, the toner is fixed to an elevated temperature to form a print.

  3. 3D printers - are the printers that print to use plastics. 3D printing is based on mapping the spatial models from computer files. This type of printing does not take place on paper, but using fiber plastics.  


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