MSI VR One, that is a computer for the virtual reality

They were already steering wheels, there are special helmets or glasses that allow us to move into the world of virtual reality, where we can materialize as the superheroes bowmen, travel to outer space or participate in virtual races. Magic VR creates a three-dimensional image, which allows you to move in many different places, but in order that the image was made are necessary computers with very good parameters. MSI noticed that there is one more constraint, that may interfere with the possibility of transferring to the world of virtual reality, the usual traditional computers restrict the movements in the Virtual Reality due to the cables that limit the freedom of movement - therefore created MSI VR One.


MSI VR One computer in a backpack

Generally speaking, a computer - backpack that can be worn on the back. As a result, moving into the world of VR our movements will not be limited by cables, because all the equipment we carry with them. It is worth to pay attention to the predatory design of this computer, which is reminiscent of futuristic equipment straight from the Star Trek or Star Wars.


Parameters of the MSI VR One

Especially noteworthy are technical parameters of this equipment, because it is something to admire. In this small backpack closed Intel Core i7-6820HK, GeForce GTX 1060 or 1070. MSI VR One is the technology of the future, the only question is if it is still a PC, notebook or a new kind of computer.


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