Telecommunication Systems is infrastructure of equipment and telecommunication solutions primarily companies and institutions. The term telecommunications solutions hides both the devices and methods of connecting the telephone networks, information technology and telecommunications. In one word these are all types of networks that provide communication at a distance.



 The composition of this structure includes:

  • telephone switchboards

  • wiring

  • signal amplifiers

  • phone sets

  • computers

  • towers and poles

  • transmission lines

  • and other.  



Speaking of telecommunications infrastructure can understand it as an internal corporate telecommunications system, or as an infrastructure providing appropriate connections, for which are responsible local governments. The map of such infrastructure creates the Office of Electronic Communications, that update it year by year.


The telecommunications system in companies is usually Telephone Network and Information, that might work separately, but more often they are coupled in a telecommunication network, because this solution is sometimes highly functional, also contributes, in many cases, considerable savings.




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